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  Welcome to NC VIP Coins!
  Serving the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area for a wide variety of numismatic needs. Our services include appraisals, estate liquidations, and certification of rare coins. World renowned for our honesty and integrity, NC VIP Coins will ensure that you receive top dollar for your rare coins!
Expert Advice
Based on our experience, we have observed that the best collections are built upon a foundation of trust between collectors and advisors. Whatever aspect of coin collecting interests you, we have skilled numismatists who are always pleased to help. Utilize our personalized selection service for unique additions to your collection or for regular acquisitions, where everything is tailored to suit your preferences.
We offer appraisal services for all coins, US and World. The item(s) in question will be carefully examined and evaluated by NC VIP Coins specialists. We will provide you with a valuation figure either for insurance purposes, general interest or if you are potentially looking to sell the item(s). Small lots of ten coins or fewer are appraised free of charge. Larger lots will be appraised for a nominal fee.
Preserving your Legacy
Coin collections offer a profound and fascinating history. Preserving your legacy necessitates proper storage to prevent damage. Coins that are adequately stored and authenticated not only increase in value, but also ensure greater financial security for your heirs when the time comes to pass them on NC VIP Coins can provide sound guidance regarding the many storage options available.
Coin Certification
NC VIP Coins will submit coins on your behalf for professional grading, certification and encapsulation by the most highly respected grading services in the world: PCGS, NGC and CAC. Your coins will be graded and placed in industry standard tamper-evident, sonically sealed, high security capsules to allow for safe storage and peace of mind. Imaging services are also available to display coins both in your home and digitally.
Always Buying and Selling Rare Coins!
NC VIP Coins will pay you top dollar for your rare coins! We buy coins directly from you or offer consignments through major online auction houses such as Great Collections, Heritage Auctions and eBay. We also have a large inventory of Certified US and World coins. Check out our eBay listings  now!
Why buy coins?
People buy coins for many reasons including investing, historical interest, collecting, or for anniversary, wedding, birthday and holiday gifts. Regardless of the reason, graded and certified rare coins offer great liquidity and return on investment in today's market.